Barbarian and reactionary madness

The attack on the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has provoked indignation and anger against such blind and murderous violence against journalists and employees. This violence aims at sowing terror, against freedom of expression and press freedom, in the name of reactionary and obscurantist prejudices.

The NPA addresses its solidarity to the friends and families of the victims, to the journalists and the employees of Charlie Hebdo.

But we will not be part of any national union with the sorcerer's apprentices who play with racism, stir up hatred against foreigners and in particular Muslims, or make use of this event to introduce new repressive laws. They have a heavy responsibility for the xenophobic and poisonous climate in which we live today.
Both sides are enemies of democracy, of freedom; they are enemies of the workers, popular classes; the enemies of a world of solidarity.
The NPA calls to demonstrate solidarity with Charlie Hebdo at 5pm today, Place de la République, Paris.
Montreuil, 7 January 2015.

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